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growing earth
growing earth

Pythagoras discovered that specific ratios of   of lyre string lengths  produced harmonious notes. Emboldened by his mathematical analysis, he proposed that the distances to the planets followed similar ratios, which the Greeks called “the music of the spheres.”  Today, a theory without a complex mathematical explanation would likely be rejected, since scientists (like Pythagoras) believe mathematics is the language of nature.

A scientist could argue, “Mathematics and nature both follow logical principles like the identity law (A = A). “

Let’s test this logical principle by substituting hydrogen atoms for the ‘A’ symbols. Hundreds of billions of ancient galaxies, crammed with hydrogen,  shine from the ancient universe. The more distant the source of the hydrogen light, the more its clock frequencies differ from the light emitted by local hydrogen. Many early galaxies shine at less than 10% of the light frequencies emitted by modern hydrogen.

Question: What if ancient hydrogen atoms were different from modern hydrogen?

Scientist: “We precisely measure the the wavelengths emitted by local hydrogen. Those wavelengths (frequencies) do not change even over a period of years. This is why hydrogen maser atomic clocks are one of our precision standards and why we know that hydrogen atoms from long ago are identical to local hydrogen.”

When trying to understand mathematical science, it is most important to examine its fundamental premise, science’s first principle.

What premise?

The Apostle Peter predicted that mockers will come in the last days, claiming “all things that exist (no definite article) remain the same.” The notion that matter is not changing itself, changing relationally, is the basis for the modern laws of physics. This assumption was invented by medieval Catholics (the disciples of Friar Thomas) in their efforts to fit Aristotle’s philosophy to their religion. The scholastics used a noun of the Latin verb to be “esse” to describe the intrinsic properties of all things. They invented the fundamentalist assumption of empirical science, the notion that “the essence of substance is changeless.” It was upon that basic premise that science’s empirical, mathematical structure was contrived.

Scientist: We measure reality with the most precise standards and our mathematical laws work precisely. Our most precise units are scaled from atomic clocks.  We even  use atomic clocks to scale the length of meters and thousands of other measuring units.

In nature we see many relational changes. For example, every cell in our body develops relationally as millions of parallel processes produce change. Bees are not just independent insects. They interact with the members of their hive relationally and even have relational connections with distant flowers. What if atoms change relationally, that is in a complex, parallel manner? After all, quantum experiments show that matter has relational qualities such as non locality and duality. The  apostle Paul claimed that the creation is enslaved to change (Romans 8:19 -22). He used orderly arrangement and together verbs to describe this universal change. 

Let’s test the scientific notion that atoms are perpetual motion engines, which is the basis for the assumed linearity of atomic clocks and scientific empiricism. NASA sent radio signals, derived from hydrogen maser atomic clocks, to the distant Pioneer 10 & 11 spacecraft. The spacecraft locked onto the signals, multiplied them by a scaling factor, amplified them and beamed the same signals back to Earth. NASA detected an unexpected anomaly. The returned signals (derived form NASA’s hours-ago atomic clocks) were running slower than the current speed of the atomic clocks. NASA’s atomic clocks seemed to be running faster than they did hours ago. Evidently NASA’s atomic clocks were changing (relative to distance) at approximately the Hubble ratio and the speed of light (the round trip for the radio signal). Astronomers use the Hubble ratio and the speed of light to estimate the distance to billions of galaxies using their observed light colors (atomic clock frequencies).  Nothing in the visible universe follows the law of identity since we observe everything changing, even local atomic clocks are changing just like the light clocks in billions of distant galaxies.

Scientist: But our laws of physics work with great precision. We test everything empirically.

Answer: The laws of physics only work locally when referenced to  symbolical things like mass, energy and time. The definitions of time, mass and energy were contrived with the assumption that matter is not changing relationally.  You are using circular reasoning and circular measuring, based on the very idea the Bible predicted for the false teachers of the last days.

The basis of higher mathematics is the function, in which some variable is believed to change independently.  You assume time as the independent variable in most of your mathematical formulas. If matter is changing itself relationally, then no aspect of reality could be independent.  Relational change is parallel change where everything changes in complex interrelated ways. Even your higher mathematics is based on the concept of intrinsic changelessness.

There a simple way to test whether atoms (and clocks) change relationally.  We observe how galaxies grew from point sources as the volume of matter and evidently its inertial properties all changed together. Billions of galaxies grew as streams of stars continued to emerge from the unformed things God created first, just as the Scripture describe. The atomic clocks accelerate along with the outward accelerating (and increasing in volume) star streams. Billions of galaxies grew from tiny naked blobs – often into spread out, dusty, local, growth spirals. This could only happen if the properties of matter are emergent.

Scientists are so convinced that their mathematics represents reality that they have invented incredible myths. A tiny bit of vacuum exploded and created everything out of nothing. Every galaxy is allegedly surrounded by four times as much invisible matter as the natural, visible kind. The invisible matter is need to force the laws of gravity on countless uncooperative galaxies. Scientists imagine that all ancient light gets stretched by the expanding vacuum of space time.  No one has ever detected light changing frequency as it passes through a void. Scientist speculate that the vacuum of space time pushes galaxies away. They even imagine that dark energy pulls more energy out of the vacuum to accelerate the expanding vacuum of space time. All of these speculative myths were woven out of invisible, mathematical cloth. Yet none of them are necessary if you test the fundamentalist assumption upon which mathematical science was historically  contrived.

The most powerful evidence against the basic premise implicate in mathematical science is visible the history of galaxies. The Biblical God claims that He continues to call the stars to come out, to spread out the plural heavens in unbroken continuity, yet no star goes missing (Isaiah 40:26). This verse contains a double imperative. He commands us to lift up our eyes on high and see who has created these stars, the One who leads forth their host by number, He calls them all by name; because of the greatness of His might and the strength of His power, not one of them is missing.

In Isaiah 40:22, He spreads out the plural heavens like a tent, into fine things . He spreads out dense things into thin clouds in the heavens (Job 37:18). The stars did not coalesce from space dust but spread out form point sources, evidently the unformed matter God created first. The star streams do not close, they accelerate outwards as billions of galaxies grew into huge, growth spirals. We observe stars with double jets forming dusty nebulae in our own Milky Way. Evidently matter in the heart of the star continues to form and move out from its formless state.

The Earth also continues to increase in volume. The Bible mentions a single land with rivers flowing around it during Adam’s era. During the first part of day three, the seas all seeped underground into the Michael Netzer's Growing Earthsubterranean tehom.  Later the subterranean seas collapsed and a wide valleys opened up to accept the water Later, during the days of Peleg, the continent was divided by water.  Indeed, the continents fit together on a tiny globe without major surface seas. Isaiah 42:5 says God spreads out (in unbroken continuity) the earth and its offspring (what issues out or is born from the earth). Indeed, new earth crust keeps on oozing out along a global, undersea expansion seam. The theory of subduction is denied by the layered, undisturbed sediments in the oceanic trenches. The gif of the growing Earth is from Michael Netzer who allows its distribution with attribution.

The problem with mathematical earth histories is that they were contrived with the first law of the last days. The most powerful evidences against the first law are how galaxies formed and the geology of our growing planet. Please test the first law of science, the assumption that is the basis of mathematical cosmologies.

Credit for the map of sea floor relative ages: NOAA and Elliott Lim. Notice the triple junctions in the global expansion seam: two in the Atlantic, two in the Pacific, two in the Indian and one south of Australia. Notice that the oldest sea (purple color) is the eastern Mediterranean that formed when Africa was still attached to Europe, North and South America. The Pacific, Indian, Atlantic and Arctic oceans formed after the Eastern Mediterranean. According to the Bible, the Earth was divided after Noah’s flood, during the days of Peleg, Abraham’s great, great, great grandfather.